About Us

Since 1982

The first of our family has been collecting cards for over 40 years!!

A Family of Experts

We could not be more proud to be a family run business.

A Global Company

With Cards, we are able to be a family run business, that reaches the world.

Our History

The story is a simple one, and one I am sure anyone reading this can relate to. Our patriarch opened his first pack of Topps Baseball cards way back in 1982. The one card he was hoping for was Cal Ripken. It almost sounds like a card collectors fairy tale, but there right on top of the pack, the first card he saw, was Cal. Right then and there, the seed was planted that would one day become BreakawayCards.

Our Promise

To provide the most up to date and informative news from around the world of the Card Collectors market. To offer the best prices possible on new and used cards across every market. To be available to answer any questions or inquiries our own personal fanbase may have.

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